Hi, my name is Amy and I’m the creator of Arlo & Sofia – both the brand and the two beautiful children who inspired it.

I founded Arlo & Sofia, the world’s first luxury maternity sleepwear company, because I believe that expectant women deserve to look and feel fabulous at this magical time.

When I was pregnant with my babies, I searched high and low for the kind of stylish, high-quality nightwear that I’d enjoyed wearing pre-motherhood – I’ve always been a huge fan of silk pyjamas – but all I could find were dull, practical pyjamas and nightdresses in poor quality material that just weren’t comfortable.

The message seemed to be that women should stop caring about how they looked and felt when they were pregnant or when breastfeeding their precious little ones.

How could this be?

We are bringing new life into the world. This is a time to celebrate and to be celebrated, a time to feel amazing rather than to hide our bump and beautiful breasts behind average, uncomfortable clothing.

I felt so passionately about this that I decided to create what I couldn’t find – and so Arlo & Sofia was born, charged with the mission of helping all pregnant women and new mothers to feel as special as they truly are.

Our brand is synonymous with luxury. With the tenacity that helped me to excel in my previous career as a corporate lawyer, I’ve worked tirelessly to bring you the finest fabrics, staying close to home wherever possible. In our garments, we use one hundred percent pima cotton, England’s finest cotton, the highest-quality Pongees silk, and beautiful lace from Japan.

Our attention to detail is also second to none. From the packaging to the perfect finish of each garment, our sleepwear range is an ideal treat for yourself or for a loved one.

You can also rest assured that our garments will look and feel amazing throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Each piece is designed with nursing in mind and our sleepwear adapts as your body shape changes throughout your journey to motherhood.

I know how important it is to feel comfortable and special when pregnant – I’ve been there, twice – and you can rest assured that I’ve designed our gorgeous garments with YOU in mind.

I hope you love Arlo & Sofia as much as I do.

Amy x

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